Try these microphone troubleshooting steps if you have an HP laptop. In Windows 8 and 8.1, make sure Let apps use my microphone is set to On. If the microphone level and boost are set low in this menu, slide them to full and check to see if that helps.

  • After the tray comes out of the phone, carefully remove it.
  • We’ve been discovering a lot of reports from users upgrading over to Windows 11 only to discover that their built-in or external microphone no longer works.
  • Press the microphone icon to unmute yourself.

This happens even when the auto-adjust-microphone-sensitivity option is unset. Disabling recording and whatever is listed there does nothing. I don’t have anything else using my microphone, all drivers are up to date. For those of you using an external wired microphone, you should make sure that your headphone is physically connected to your computer. If you can’t establish a connection between the two, check for cuts or bends in the wire which might be causing damage to the microphone.

Ensure that other apps are not interfering with the microphone

If you are facing network issues on your phone recently, you should talk with other people in your area who use the same SIM card carrier. That way, you can be sure whether it is an area-specific problem of the service provider or if your SIM card is actually faulty. Only then can you opt for replacing the SIM card. If you notice that there are network issues on your phone, this could be an indication as well. But the network issue should be frequent and persistent because your service provider might also have network issues in your area from time to time.

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The problem should be solved, but in case it isn’t, you have only two options left:

To connect the Microphone first and then place/join a call. MacOS allow you to control which apps and websites can use the microphone to capture or record audio. If your Teams app isn’t able to grab your audio from the microphone, then you can give it access to your microphone inside Mac’s privacy settings. Desperate to get this issue resolved, one of the users has founda temporary solution to prevent Teams from auto-leveling the microphone volume. According to the user, there is some interference between the Xbox Game Bar and Microsoft Teams on Windows which is actually causing the microphone auto-adjusting issue. Because of this, the user has to adjust the volume levels every time before they make a call which could be really annoying in the long term.

Moreover, there is also a chance that you have no drivers for the device or the drivers are outdated. You can solve these problems by following the guide above. Check your Windows sound settings. Sometimes, Windows selects the wrong microphone as default. It’s especially true if you sometimes use an external mic instead of the laptop’s built-in mic. Make sure the mic you are currently using is the default.

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